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A Path To Development.

Breakaway Academy provides its student-athletes with serious, high-quality training on a daily basis. This training regimen is rigorous by design, intended to challenge our student-athletes not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. We strive to develop the determination and mental toughness in our student-athletes to overcome any obstacle help provide the grit that gives them a competitive advantage.

Results on the ice.

At Breakaway Academy our athletic program features:

  • Skating 5 days a week.  
  • Focus on improving individual hockey skills.  
  • Elite Coaching Staff that understands development.   
  • A specific theme each day to address fundamental hockey skills that need to be mastered.  
  • 9 months of skill building. Our hockey training focuses on developing individual skills and hockey IQ.  
  • Each training day with a specific focus.
    • Mondays: Passing/Shooting in game situations.
    • Tuesdays: Small Area Competition.  Wednesdays: Skating (we have a skating coach).
    • Thursdays: Stick Skills (Shooting, passing, stick handling skills and strategies).  
    • Fridays: Video session before going on ice and focusing on a dynamic skill.
  • 20 players(alumni) with D1 scholarships. Several of our players(alumni) have represented USA Hockey in International Competitions. 5 NHL Draft Picks.

Apply for financial aid

We strive to make Breakaway Academy’s high-quality educational and athletic programming accessible for students from all backgrounds. You can use our financial aid calculator to determine if you may qualify for assistance. Then, you can start admissions process by applying for financial aid.

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