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At Breakaway Academy, we take great pride in the success of our students and the satisfaction of the families who entrust us with educating and coaching their children.

The primary goal of our all-star team of teachers and coaches is to advance positive student outcomes in academic, athletic and personal development. We provide each and every one of our students with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in their future endeavors—no matter what they may be.

Testimonials from our families

Breakaway Academy parents and families agree that our rigorous curriculum, advanced athletic training and emphasis on personal development yield positive student outcomes. Below are just some of our favorite stories we’ve heard from families:

“I just wanted to thank you Breakaway Academy for helping to mentor and guide Logan. Now that we are a few weeks into the school year I am seeing some big leaps in his maturity and development. An example just happened yesterday. His new hockey coach has asked the boys to answer 5 introductory questions about themselves to the team so the boys get to know one another and the coaches can further understand what the players hope to accomplish this hockey season. This is not uncommon and in years past, Logan would wing it, or act funny or answer the questions on a very shallow level. He likes scoring goals, he wants to hang with his friends, etc. For the first time EVER, he sat down with a print out of the questions from the coach and typed thoughtful responses to each so he will be prepared to talk to each point in the meeting on Sunday after practice. His responses focused on leadership, being a good teammate, improving his skills and helping others, taking any position where he is needed and challenging himself this season. I was quite impressed and believe we have BA to thank for him taking this exercise so seriously and the way he answered these questions. I love that he continues to focus on a higher level of hockey and development. Of course, there were other moments related to the tryout process, team placement and how he reacted – again demonstrating maturity, optimism and perseverance even in the face of some disappointment. Thank you for all you do!”

- Julie S., BA parent

“Bridget begged us for two years to let her attend BA. After four trips to speak with the staff and talking with a BA parent, Julie and I both agreed to let her attend for 7th grade.   Halfway through the year, Bridget’s academic progress was astounding. So much so that we concluded that we absolutely made the right decision. The definitive question is…would we send her back for 8th grade if she stopped playing hockey and it was a very easy yes for both of us. We are thankful that Bridget has this opportunity and also for the passion you all have for your mission. You are all great examples!”

- Julie and Frank, BA parents

“I see Sully taking steps forward in all areas of his life lately…and want to thank you and your staff for the positive example and teaching you do at Breakaway Academy. Thank You.”

- David S., BA parent

“I wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for all you do everyday in teaching and mentoring Luke. I truly appreciate you and am very thankful that Luke has been given this opportunity over the past 3 years to attend Breakaway Academy and learn from you the qualities of humility, perseverance and dedication! He might not realize today how blessed he has been by this experience, but he will as he matures. Well done my friend. Well done!”

- Tim B., BA parent

Begin your Breakaway journey

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