Academics are First

We are strong proponents of the many benefits of our academic program, which helps kindergarten through 8th grade students develop character, independence, and self-confidence. Colleges look favorably on students who participate in non-traditional education, especially those programs where the student to teacher ratio is small.

An Environment that Fosters & Encourages Learning

  • Our classrooms provide a challenging yet encouraging place for growth and development
  • Curriculum follows Department of Education K-12 Academic Standards in Minnesota and Connecticut
  • Small class sizes with 15 students or fewer in each classroom mean students get the attention they need
  • Incorporate fun, engaging, hands-on activities that promote curiosity, often leading to further questions and exploration for higher-level thinkers
  • Opportunity for advanced math and differentiated reading levels
  • Students are held to high standards for classroom behavior and academic performance
  • Offer a character-building program to help students understand how to be their best in the classroom, in athletics, and their community