An Elite Athletic Experience That Accelerates Skill Development and Promotes Multi-Sport Athletes

Breakaway Academy’s K-3rd grade athletic program focuses on the development of the whole athlete. Our on-ice training will improve individual hockey skills, on-ice game awareness, competition skills, mental toughness, and promote the most important part of the game – FUN.

Our physical education curriculum off the ice introduces a different sport each week and allows students to learn and grow as multi-sport athletes. At the K-3rd gravel level, each week our students have the opportunity to choose the number of days they participate in hockey, while still providing two hours daily of athletic activity even if they are off the ice.

Proven results for active students

  • Two hours of daily athletic activity to enhance academics
  • Develop excellent baseline hockey skills
  • Provide high-skill repetition in all areas of hockey
  • Enhance our student-athletes’ knowledge of the game
  • Offer extra physical activity and additional sports choices to develop the whole athlete
  • Enforce a competitive mindset with repeated expectations of sportsmanship
  • Create daily habits
  • Train the mind with sports mindset techniques
  • Provide on ice and off ice testing results throughout the year to show growth
  • Offer strong leadership who create relationships with athletes