History & Mission

Since being founded in 1988 by Dave Snuggerud, Breakaway Hockey’s top priority has been training the youth hockey players in our community to consistently develop and improve their core skills. This vision continues with Jessie Willis and the Breakaway coaching staff today. Our goal is simple – to develop hockey players and our message is strong. We will provide each of our players an opportunity to develop the skills required to become great.

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better”

Our talented coaching staff at Breakaway Hockey continually helps our players become better “all around” hockey players. We look at our young players and know what it takes to have the love of the game and we will work with them to achieve all that they put into the sport they love. Our experienced coaching staff includes Tim Hanus, JP LaFontaine, Nick Mattson, Kyle Peto and Dan Hoehne. We have combined over 100 years of coaching experience – which has allowed us to see first hand the fundamental skills that all great hockey players must have. Our staff is always excited to be on the ice with our players to share our knowledge and experience with them.

We thank you for the opportunity to work with players as young skaters first stepping on the ice and those looking to take the next steps beyond youth hockey hoping to one day play professional hockey.