Attendance Reporting

If your child will be absent, late, or require early release, please notify us via email. Be sure to include your child’s name, grade, and nature of the absence, late arrival, or early release.

To report an attendance change: 
•  For grades K-3, send a message to your child’s teacher and
•  For grades 4-8, send a message to

Monday Mentions

We love recognizing current and alumni student success on our social media channels through a campaign called ” Monday Mentions.” We give shoutouts for academic and athletic achievement or for demonstrating high moral character.

Please complete this form by 9pm on Sunday to be included in Monday Mentions.

Athletic Flex

K-3rd Grade Athletic Options

K-3rd grade students have two athletic hours every day. The options are:
•  One hour of hockey and one hour of gym
•  Two hours of gym that provide additional sports exposure and directed play.

To select daily athletic choices, use the SchoolPass app.
Instructions for Selecting Athletic Activity

Note: Daily athletic selections must be made by 8:30 am.


4th-8th Grade Athletic Options

To minimize burnout and nurture well-being, students may occasionally opt out of hockey or soccer on any given day and replace it with Athletic Training, structured, sport-themed activities related to physical and mental improvement.

During Athletic Training, students have nearly two hours of instructor-led activities that focus on mobility, sports mindset, nutrition, mental toughness, and exposure to various sports games.

To make your child’s Athletic Training selection, use the SchoolPass app.
Instructions for Selecting Athletic Activity

•  Daily selections must be made by 8:30 am.
•  Athletic Training selection in SchoolPass is for use only when your child is present at school and will opt out of hockey or soccer. If your child will arrive late or leave early, resulting in a hockey or soccer absence, send an email notification to

LUNCH Program

Each campus has healthy lunch options catered daily. Students may also bring their own healthy lunch.

•  Families make their selections via a Google Form sent each month.
•  Money does not need to be added to lunch accounts. Lunch charges are processed through TADS, our online payment system, at the end of each month and are due on the 20th of the following month.

Lunch Menu
•  Scroll down to view the monthly lunch menus for each school.
•  To subscribe to the lunch calendar, use the following instructions:  How to Subscribe to Google Calendars.

Snacks and A La Carte Options for Grades 4-8
Rhody’s Craft House & Grill, located next door to our school in Champions Hall, sells snack items to the public during their operational hours.  Students have access to make purchases before or after school and during their designated lunch period. We recommend setting parameters with your child about what a la carte items you will allow them to purchase. Students are not permitted to buy items for other students.

Questions about Lunch/A La Carte in Grades 4-8
Please contact Lisa Lovekin, Rhody’s manager, at with questions about the lunch and/or a la carte program or to request itemized receipts.


The purpose of Breakaway Academy uniforms is to promote respect and pride for the Breakaway Academy community and foster unity, a feeling of belonging to something bigger than oneself.

Our uniform guidelines support a student’s individuality while maintaining standards. We believe wearing the proper uniform prepares students for dress in a professional environment. The uniform should promote a neat, clean, and modest appearance in all aspects.

Learn More

Purchase uniforms through Breakaway Academy’s apparel partner, Athletic Outfitters.  The online Merch Store is open the 1st thru 15th of September, November, January, March, and May.  Orders deliver 2-4 weeks once the order window closes.

Due to lengthy production times, the UNRL Sublimated hoodie is only available for ordering during the September and January ordering periods.

Hats, t-shirts, and hockey socks may be purchased at school. Inquire at the front desk or email for more details.

Spirit Wear

The purpose of Breakaway Academy uniforms is to promote respect and pride for the Breakaway Academy community and foster unity, a feeling of belonging to something bigger than oneself.

Browse a variety of hats, t-shirts, hoodies, vests, and more at our online spirit wear store.  These items are designated spirit wear for parents and staff.  Students may not wear them as part of their school uniform.  For this reason, you won’t find many youth sizes in the store.

Student and Parent Handbook

The student handbook is an outline of expectations at Breakaway Academy. It serves as your one source of information to explain our school policies, ensuring that you understand and embrace our school’s expectations.

School Calendar

School year and quarterly start and end dates, as well as non-school days and special events.

To subscribe to the school calendar, use the following instructions: How to Subscribe to Google Calendars.


Refer to the schedules below for start and end times by grade. 

Before and after school care for grades K-3 is available.  Contact for more information.


SchoolPass is an app that allows parents to select their child’s daily athletic flex. In grades 4-7, it’s also used to aid in dismissal.

Getting Started
Instructions for Activation

Selecting Daily Athletic Activity 
Instructions for Selecting Athletic Activity

Using the app for Dismissal (Grades 4-7 only)
Instructions for Dismissal

Moving to a Carpool in the app (Grades 4-7 only)
Instructions for Making Carpool Changes

School Supplies

We provide a comprehensive school supplies package for a flat fee billed via your TADS account at the beginning of each school year. The cost is $70 for grades K-3 and $80 for grades 4-8. The flat fee covers nearly all essential school supplies that your child needs for their classes from the first day of school until the end of the year and all those extra general items, like tissues, paper towels, wipes, dry-erase markers, and copy paper.

Items you must supply:

•  Pencil case, if desired (All grades)
•  Headphones compatible with personal Chromebook or laptop. (All grades.) Headsets with a 3.5mm jack are Chromebook-compatible.
•  Chromebook or laptop, if not utilizing the school-issued device (Grades 4-8)
•  TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator (Grades 6-8)

Health Forms

A select number of health forms are required for each student enrolled at Breakaway Academy.  Please contact Heather Hansen, health specialist, at with any questions.

Health Information Form
•  All new students are required to complete the Health Information Form.
•  Returning students must complete a new Health Information Form each school year if there are changes to health history.

Prescription Medications
If your child requires prescription medication, please complete the Prescription Medication Administration Form.  An updated form is required at the start of each school year.

Immunization Records
Immunization records are required for all incoming Kindergarten and 7th grade students.  Send immunization records to our Health Specialist.

If a child’s parent or guardian wishes to be exempt, based on their beliefs, from one or more immunization requirements, the parent or child may submit a statement to this effect, signed by the submitting person and notarized.


Manage online tuition payments, lunch billings, and other fees.

EDUCATE Parent Portal

View report cards, grades, attendance history, student schedule, and family directory.

Edmentum Exact Path and Sensei

Edmentum’s Exact Path and Sensei tools facilitate each student’s individualized learning plan for grades K-3. Through Exact Path, students take adaptive diagnostic assessments for each subject. These help to ensure students are working on level-appropriate material. That material is then delivered through activities in a learning path, culminating in progress checks that unlock ascendant material. Edmentum Sensei is the parent portal to access data related to a student’s Exact Path.

Tech Support & Video Tutorials

Families have the option of acquiring a Chromebook through Breakaway Academy. Doing so allows for the convenience of having a school-managed computer – that means hardware and software support by Breakaway Academy staff and enhanced oversight so that devices remain dedicated to education and do not become a distraction from being a student-athlete.

Instructional videos for parent tools such as Educate and SchoolPass are available on the Breakaway Academy (Official) YouTube page. Click here to go directly to our YouTube playlist Parent Tech How-To’s.