Academic Calendar

School year and quarterly start and end dates, as well as days off.


TADS Admissions helps parents apply to Breakaway Academy, view application status, accept admission offer, and facilitate online billing for tuition, lunches, and more.

Lunch Program

Each campus has healthy lunch options catered daily.  Students may also bring their own healthy lunch.
• The cost is $7 per lunch, including milk.
• Families make their selections monthly.
• Lunch fees are processed through TADS, our online payment system, at the end of each month and billed on the 20th of the following month.
• Additionally, BA West offers healthy snacks and drinks available for purchase.  For a complete list of a la carte options and pricing, click here.

Athletic Data

Kinduct is an athletic portal where students, coaches, and teachers may enter information about myriad physical factors. Testing sessions at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year track progress quantitatively. Between testing sessions, qualitative data about injuries, soreness, flexibility, strength, focus, and many more factors are recorded.

Individualized Learning

Edmentum Exact Path and Sensei facilitate each student’s individualized learning plan for Kindergarten through 5th grade. Through Exact Path, students take adaptive diagnostic assessments for each subject. These help to ensure students are working on level-appropriate material. That material is then delivered through activities in a learning path, culminating in progress checks that unlock ascendant material. Edmentum Sensei is the parent and teacher portal to access data related to a student’s Exact Path.

Tech Support

Families have the option of acquiring a Dell Chromebook 3100 through Breakaway Academy. Doing so allows for the convenience of having a school-managed computer – that means hardware and software support by Breakaway Academy staff and enhanced oversight so that devices remain dedicated to education and do not become a distraction from being a student-athlete.

Parent Portal

Educate enables parents to view final grades, assignment grades, announcements, attendance, and school schedule for 4th – 8th grade.

Purchase Apparel

Purchase uniforms and apparel through Breakaway Academy’s apparel partner, Heiberg Athletics.

School Supplies

School supplies for grades K-8.

Student and Parent Handbook

The student handbook is an outline of expectations at Breakaway Academy.