We Wear Uniforms with Purpose

The purpose of Breakaway Academy uniforms is to promote respect and pride for the Breakaway Academy community and a foster unity, a feeling of belonging to something bigger than oneself.

Our uniform guidelines support a student’s individuality while maintaining standards. We believe wearing the proper uniform prepares students for dress in a professional environment.

In all aspects, the uniform should promote a neat, clean, and modest appearance.

We Wear Uniforms to Show Respect

At Breakaway Academy, we teach and reinforce the importance of wearing our school uniform with pride and to show respect for our school community:

  • Students wear the appropriate uniforms with pride in class, on the turf/in the gym, and on the ice to show respect for our school and dress code.
  • Students refrain from wearing hats in school, at the rink, or on the bus as a sign of respect.
  • To promote a neat appearance, students do not wear jackets in class.
  • To show respect for our school community and dress code, students do not wear association, team, or tournament hoodies, tees, and hats, as well as other non-Breakaway Academy items while at school or the rink.

​New Students

We offer a new student uniform startup package to ensure each new student is set up for success when they begin their academic and athletic journey at Breakaway Academy.

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