Breakaway Academy Joggers

Available for 4th-8th Grade

As the weather turns colder, we understand the importance of ensuring our 4th-8th grade student-athletes are comfortable and adequately dressed during Performance and Athletic Training sessions on the turf or in the gym. Currently, our Breakaway Academy black UNRL performance pants are permitted for such activities. However, these pants are primarily a component of our academic uniform.  We have temporarily allowed their use during colder months.

We’re pleased to introduce an alternative option as part of the athletic uniform for 4th-8th grade.  Students are allowed to wear our new gray Breakaway Academy joggers during Performance or Athletic Training.

These new gray joggers are considered part of the athletic uniform and, as such, are not permitted in the classrooms. This change is aimed at providing a practical solution for students participating in Performance Training or Athletic Training while preserving the integrity of our uniform policy.

For the remainder of the 2023/24 school year, we will continue to honor the current policy, allowing students to wear the Breakaway Academy black UNRL performance pants during athletics. However, next school year, only the gray joggers will be permitted for athletic sessions for 4th-8th grade.

Our goal is to ensure the well-being and comfort of our students while maintaining a consistent uniform policy.


Unisex youth and adult sizes available.  Review the Fit Guide for help with sizing.

How to Order

The ordering period is currently closed.  If interested in purchasing joggers, we have a small supply on hand.  Please contact us at to order.


$40 each