Johnson, Andy
Lead On-Ice Coach


I live in Waconia with my wife, Danielle, and our son, Wayne. I love spending time with my family. I thrive on sports and competition. I have the hands of an NHLer, and when I am not dangling, you will probably find me on the golf course. FORE! I am an artist, and I play guitar for fun too. I have a natural gift for working with kids and absolutely enjoy it!

What do you like most about BA?
Getting a chance to work with kids in the best sport in the world.

Why is it important to have solid academics in addition to good hockey training?
Having a strong mind and proper training enables one’s maximum potential.

Which coach or teacher had the biggest impact on your life and why?
Mr. Rosberg, my High School Biology, Botany, and Advisory teacher, is a great guy. I really look up to him. He made a difference for me. I still think about how much fun I had in his classes to this day!

What is your favorite hockey memory?
Growing up playing pondy and being at the outdoor rinks ALL DAY!

What are your credentials and hockey experience?
I graduated from Chaska High School. I coached Chaska High School Hockey for 8 years. I played hockey for the Green Bay Gamblers in the USHL and Division III for St. Johns University. I also worked as a Para Educator at Chaska Middle School West for 15 years.