Director of Hockey Operations


My wife’s name is Danielle, and I have a son, Rocco, who is two years old. My daughter, Reyna, is six months old. I also have two dogs, Enzo and Frankie. I live in Prescott, WI, and my hobbies are spending time with family, enjoying the sun, being active, cooking, and traveling.

What do you like most about BA?
I believe the culture the leadership has created is an ideal environment for a motivated student-athlete. The intimate setting in the classroom and off the ice provides an opportunity to truly invest in self-development. The teachers and coaches care about the kids, and the happiness the students exhibit is rewarding!

Why is it important to have solid academics in addition to good hockey training?
Academics are the most important part of a student’s development. If you intend to play collegiate sports, your academic success will enable you to receive that opportunity. What students learn in the classroom can translate in all areas of life. The life skills learned in the classroom will complement an individual’s growth in hockey training as well.

Which coach or teacher had the biggest impact on your life and why?
I have been blessed to have many coaches and teachers that I had great relationships. Many of them taught me valuable lessons that have impacted my life in very positive ways.

What is your favorite hockey memory?
I have several! However, I played junior hockey for Des Moines in the USHL. The first round of the playoffs vs. Waterloo was a very intense, energetic, and competitive series. The experience with my team during that time truly impacted me. I remember that week being a fascinating time in so many ways. I have been lucky to win championships, play at the pro level, etc. Yet, that week of hockey stays with me to this day.

What are your credentials and hockey experience?
I have been managing and coaching for the last 10-15 years. I was a head coach at the high school level at Lakeville South for three years and a General Manager and Head Coach for the MN Magicians in the NAHL for three years. As a player, I have four years of professional hockey experience.