Roper, Andrew
Lead Performance Coach


I grew up in Rapid City, SD, and my class started the first hockey program there. I currently live in Farmington with two wonderful ladies, my girlfriend Renee and my dog Dakota. I love to visit family and friends, be outdoors, work out, and play guitar.

What do you like most about BA?
What I like most about BA is the wonderful student-athletes here and the great focus to develop them as wonderful people with great character.

Why is it important to have solid academics in addition to good hockey training?
It all starts with academics, which opens doors beyond the rink, as well as helping the students become well-rounded.

Which coach or teacher had the biggest impact on your life and why?
My 6th grade Math teacher, Mr. Knutson, had the biggest impact on me. He had such a great way to connect to all the students, making learning fun and efficient. He not only made us display great work ethic and character, but he also played paper football with us when our work was completed as a reward!

What is your favorite hockey memory?
My favorite hockey memory is when I had the chance to play goalie after our one and only goalie was injured in a tournament. We had a minimal roster, and I volunteered based on my street hockey experience… Yup, that was where our hockey program was at that time. Most Minnesotans probably can’t even comprehend it! I didn’t shut them out, I’ll tell you that much, but it was something I’ll always remember!

What are your credentials and hockey experience?
My credential includes certifications through ACE and USAW Level 1 and 3 years of Personal Training. My personal hockey experience ended when I was in 7th Grade, but I’ve always had a great appreciation and passion for the sport that continues to grow today!