Goodrich, Colleen
6th & 7th Grade Science Teacher


I live in Chaska with my husband Mike and our three kids. I enjoy taking walks with my dog, going to Michigan, true crime (reading, not committing), and cheering for the Green Bay Packers.

What do you like most about BA?
I like the total positive atmosphere at BA. It allows the students to take risks in a safe environment.

Why did you get into education?
I got into education to be a positive influence in kids’ lives and to inspire lifelong learners.

Which coach or teacher had the biggest impact on your life and why?
My chemistry teacher, Mrs. Warrington, had a big impact on my life because she set very high standards and gave us the tools and confidence to meet them. Those skills transferred throughout my life.

What is the best advice you can give students at BA?
Dream BIG! And I mean REALLY big.

What are your credentials and teaching experience?
I have a BA in Materials and Logistics Management from Michigan State University and a Masters of Business Administration from San Jose State University. Previously I worked for the Chaska Community Center, running the youth sports programming, among other responsibilities. This is my second year at Breakaway Academy.