Hansen, Heather
Health Specialist


Heather is a Health Specialist at Breakaway Academy.

Heather has 3 kids; Tyler (17), Junior at STMA High School, Adyson (14), 9th grader at STMA High School, and Hunter (12), a 7th grader who will be attending his first year at Breakaway Academy. She is married to her husband, Chris, and they have 2 dogs – Jazzy and Dubnyk. They have lived in St. Michael for almost 13 years. They love the “small town” feel it has. Both Heather and her husband grew up in “small town” Minnesota, and they wanted their kids to have some of the same experiences growing up. Heather spends most of her time at hockey rinks watching all 3 kiddos play hockey and supporting her husband as a coach, along with being a super awesome Hockey Uber! She enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, paddle boarding, trying new workouts, and spending time with friends and family at their lake cabin when she has free time.

This is her first year at Breakaway Academy, and she is excited to be a part of the growth and changes. Heather’s primary role at Breakaway Academy will be the Health Specialist and onsite liaison to the Avera eCare telehealth staff. She has been a nurse for 24 years and has worked in all aspects of healthcare, most recently working independently as the primary nurse for STMA Middle School East. She enjoys the challenge, the independence, and the ability to continue growing in her nursing career. She studied at Alexandria Technical and Community College and has re-enrolled to continue furthering her education.

Past education:
Alexandria Technical and Community College (current)
BLS Instructor
Clinic Manager
R.O.A.R Reading Specialist