Vilmain, Jerry
Bus Driver


I’m a typical bus driver at Breakaway Academy. I live in Chaska with my wonderful wife and have 4 kids, 10 grand kids, and 1 great grandson. I love working with wood and steel.

What do you like most about BA?/strong>
The hockey skills that can be used off the ice. Playing as a team, no fear of confrontation, maintaining a healthy body and mind, and developing both short term and long range goals to make a few.

Why did you get into working with kids?/strong>
My bus is full of the future. The kids don’t know it but they will be a blessing of hope as they grow up and are released into the wild. They have been taught by parents and teachers to play every game by the rules.

Which coach or teacher had the biggest impact on your life and why?
My 70 years of living has been shaped by many teachers and coaches. I don’t think any of us fully realize that our words and deeds can influence people for many years, perhaps a lifetime, after we’re gone.

What is the best advice you can give students at BA?
Everything you learn should be thought of as another tool in your personal toolbox of knowledge. That bit of knowledge may not be needed or valuable today but might be a lifesaver sometime in the future.

What are your driving credentials and experience?
This is my 5th year driving a school bus. Before that I spent 45 years in the world of IT.