Athletics Coach


I am originally from Wisconsin and currently live in Eden Prairie with my wife (Laura) and 6 year old dog (Stella). I enjoy working out, hiking, and watching and playing any sport.

What do you like most about BA?
I like the competitive nature of Breakaway. When everyone is striving to be their best, you bring the best out of others.

Why did you get into education?
Both of my parents were teachers, so some may say it was natural. I really enjoy helping students grow not only on the ice, but academically as well.

Why is it important to have solid academics in addition to athletics?
It is important to have solid academics in addition to athletics because you will be disciplined in all areas of life. Showing you can succeed in multiple areas will provide numerous opportunities in the future.

Which teacher or coach had the biggest impact on your life and why?
Chris Carroll was a former professor and coach of mine at Bethel University. He was always positive and gave me confidence to succeed. John Paris Jr., a former coach of mine in Junior hockey, had the biggest impact in my life. He taught me how to be a professional on the ice, off the ice, and in the community.

What is the best advice you can give to students at BA?
Learn to organize and manage your time. When you are organized, you are prepared for all outcomes.

What is your favorite hockey memory?
I have many favorite hockey memories, but I will say just all the traveling to different states and countries. I also miss all the hockey locker rooms and being around all my teammates.

What are your teaching and coaching credentials and experience?
I graduated from Bethel University with a degree in Biokinetics and minors in Athletic Coaching and Leadership. The past 6 years I was a Special Education teacher at Eden Prairie High School.

My hockey career involved playing AAA hockey until I was 16. I then began my Junior hockey journey going from playing in Alaska to New Brunswick, Canada. I played my collegiate hockey at Bethel University and then a short stint in the SPHL. After my hockey career came to a close, I began my coaching career. I am going into my 10th year of coaching. I have been with Roseville High School, Twin City Steel (NA3HL), Eden Prairie High School, and now in my first year at Southwest Christian High School.