I currently live in Chaska, MN with my husband Ward, my son, Owen, and daughter, Lilly. I love spending time with my family and friends at our cabin in northern MN. I also enjoy traveling. My favorite recent trip was when our family traveled to Colorado to see our favorite band, Old Dominion, play at Red Rocks amphitheater. We also got out and hiked beautiful Pike’s Peak, though I usually choose the ocean over the mountains for my vacation destinations!

What do you like most about BA?
I love teaching at Breakaway Academy and the connections we make with kids! I love that the students are like minded in their passion for hockey. They tend to be hard-working, competitive students who want to do well both on the ice and in classroom. No matter what they may say, the students like to come to school everyday and it makes teaching and learning fun for everyone. It’s a unique teaching experience and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it.

Why did you get into education?
My mom was an elementary school teacher, though she was done teaching before I was born. She was also a swim coach and a Girl Scout leader so she ran our household like a classroom. There were always crafts and activities going on in a structured manner. I navigated towards jobs like babysitting, daycare aides, camp counselor, etc. in my youth so I think teaching was just what I was naturally good at. I tried to fight it and go “undecided” in college for a short time, but I quickly found my niche in education.

What teacher that you had made a big impact on your life and why?
Mrs. Louis Wendt, my second grade teacher. I had just moved to MN from Boston, MA and she helped me adjust to my new surroundings and even served as a translator between me and my classmates as my Boston accent was pretty thick. I remember my classmates having a hard time understanding me and thinking I “talked funny”. She also paired me up with a “buddy” named Jenny who I’m still friends with today. I like to think I model my teaching after Mrs. Wendt and try to pay attention to kids’ individual needs.

What is your best advice for students at BA?
Do your best, don’t be afraid to fail, and ask for help after you’ve tried your best. This is a safe place to learn and become your best self.

What are your credentials and teaching experience?
BA Special Education (Specific Learning Disabilities K-12) University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
MA Education (General Education K-12) Saint Mary’s University of MN-Twin Cities

Minnetonka High School, Minnetonka, MN
Special Education Teacher/Case Manager
Taught Study Skills, Transition Planning Skills, Goal Setting
Team Taught: 9th Grade Physical Science, Algebra 1, Geometry
(1996-2005 )

Holy Family Catholic High School, Victoria, MN
Learning Specialist
Grades 9-12