We live on Lake Minnewashta in Excelsior and currently my favorite thing to do is be on the lake with my family. I also teach cycle and yoga at Life Time and have spent my entire life enjoying being active. I love cheering of the Minnesota Vikings! Oh, my other hobby is driving my kids to hockey! 😉

What do you like most about BA?
I love that character counts at Breakaway Academy! I think leaning to say please, thank you and holding doors for others are some of the best life skills you can learn!

Why did you get into education?
I played volleyball at the University of Cincinnati and eventually graduated from North Dakota State University with a BS in Elementary Education. I received my Masters Degree in Education from St. Mary’s University in Minneapolis a few years later.

What teacher that you had made a big impact on your life and why?
My absolute favorite teacher was, coincidentally, my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Serum. I loved her energy and her ability to connect and bring out the best in every student. I loved her so much, I went back and did my student teaching with her 12 years later!

What is your best advice for students at BA?
Be positive. Be hard working. Be a little bit better every day.

What are your credentials and teaching experience?
I spent 6 years teaching 2nd grade in Becker, Minnesota and 3 years being a literacy specialist and third grade teacher for Wayzata Public Schools after that.