Heiam, Peter
On-Ice Coach


I have a mom, dad, two brothers, and two dogs. I love coaching and training young athletes and helping them reach their full potential. I’m also a fan of hockey and lacrosse because I’ve played both.

What do you like most about BA?
What I like most about BA are the staff and all the kids. Every day is always fun, and BA wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for the fantastic coaches, teachers, and students.

Why is it important to have solid academics in addition to good hockey training?
It’s good to have good academics because as a student, especially in today’s world, good grades help you with your future, whether that be getting into a college, job, and also it’s just good to be smart overall. It’s also good to have good hockey training because it helps you improve as a player. When you have the best trainers, they usually run off on your play if you buy into what they’re teaching. So good trainers/coaches/teachers lead to good play and academics as long as you give everything your best work.

Which coach or teacher had the biggest impact on your life and why?
The coach who has had the most significant impact on me has to be my lacrosse coach throughout the years, named Josh Yue. He coached me from U13 through all of high school. He taught me that being a good athlete is essential, but it’s more important to be a good person. He cared about how we played as a team, but he most cared for who we were off the field. He built genuine relationships with all of us, and you could tell he genuinely cared about each individual on the team. He has also been there for me when I’ve needed it most and made sure I had someone I was comfortable talking to about everything. He showed me what it was like to balance being serious and having fun as a coach, but I think most importantly, he showed me how to carry myself off the field. As a coach and trainer now, just like he is, I try to implement building relationships with the players and make them the best they can be.

What is your favorite hockey memory?
My favorite hockey memory had to be when the high school team won state, and I got to see all my friends I grew up with and my brother succeed for what they trained and worked for their whole life at Tonka.

What are your credentials and hockey experience?
My credentials are that I played hockey when I was three on the pond in my backyard till I was 15. I then got concussed and had to end my hockey career.