About Us

Breakaway Academy is a private school serving grades K-8 with locations in Chaska and Eden Prairie, Minnesota and grades 5-8 in Norwalk, Connecticut. We deliver an innovative way of learning, combining superior academics, elite athletic training, and exceptional character development, all in a typical school day.

At Breakaway Academy, student-athletes experience a disciplined, focused, and supportive environment to reach their full potential. Our proven models accelerate learning and athletic development, and our high standards create elite daily habits in our student-athletes that separate them from their peers.

Above all else, we promote knowledge, strength, and character for the young people who walk through our doors.


Our Mission

Breakaway Academy prepares students for lives of leadership, responsible and meaningful citizenship, lifelong learning, and achievement. Our staff is devoted to excellence and integrity in all activities and committed to the development of each student-athlete.


At Breakaway Academy, we use a curriculum designed in accordance with the Department of Education K-12 Academic Standards in Minnesota and Connecticut, and programming that runs in coordination with most public school districts statewide. Our highly-trained and qualified teachers and staff consult with parents, students, and advisors regularly to ensure all students make strides toward their personal academic goals.  We’ve designed our program to equip students with the tools necessary to enter the most prestigious high schools and universities.



The innovative athletic program at Breakaway Academy specializes in accelerating performance, continuously improving physical stamina, and encouraging athletes to engage in rapid critical-thinking exercises to grow into the best young players possible. Our athletic mindset training helps athletes learn valuable life lessons while improving their performance as athletes.

When it comes to hockey, we emphasize rigorous daily training exercises that develop six crucial hockey playing skills: skating, puck handling, passing, shooting, positional skills, and game concepts.

As for soccer, we focus on fundamental ball control skills like dribbling, passing, receiving, ball striking, and decisive and creative decision-making.

To make this happen, Breakaway Academy’s talented and high-caliber instructors include former professional players and coaches worldwide. They share their experience and expertise with our young athletes each and every day.



Our unique character-building program helps your child understand how to be their best in the classroom, sports, and community. It prepares them for lives of leadership, responsible and meaningful citizenship, lifelong learning, and achievement.

Experience Breakaway Academy

Breakaway Academy delivers a welcoming and supportive environment where students become champions in school, sport, and life. If you would like to learn more, we invite you to contact our admissions team today.